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Gits n Bits is a reliable IT company Providing IT services world wide. If you want to grow your business  and you need help in website development, design, mobile aplications ,digital marketing or SEO, Gits n Bits is there to help you out.

Our Features

Everything You Will Need


Do you need colorful & catchy  design for you website? Do you think about an appealing templates and layouts? Let’s make these things astonishing together!


Git & Bit having a team of Full stack developers who will convert your design into web format and provide you quality Development from scratch in any of the following technologies.


Do you need colorful & catchy  design for you Mobile Application?  Let’s make these things astonishing together!


Git & Bit having a team of Full stack developers who will convert your design into Mobile app and provide you quality Development from scratch in any of the following technologies.


Do you need colorful & catchy book illustrations? Do you think about an appealing logo, ads, brochure, poster, flyer, banners, packaging?

Git & Bit is a right choice for all these services.


If you are looking for a perfact configuration and customization of premade template in any open source then Git & Bit is right platform to provide you excellent service and quality work.


Git & Bit is team of design experts who understands not only design but also the world of business and marketing. Whether you require a simple business card or a long-term marketing campaign, at VW-Graphics, you will get exactly what you need.


Git & Bit Experts will take care of your site maitinace and ongoing development and updates in any of the web technology.

E-Commerce solution

Our expert accounts receivable will audit data entered by biller and match it with each insurance guideline and submit it to the insurance company and follow up with the insurance company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial?

Yes, we do have a 30 day free trial. 

Do I have to continue your services after the trial?

No, you are not bound to continue with us after the trial ends. But no one yet has cancelled our services after the trial 🙂

My A/R is really high. Will you be able to decrease it?

Most definately. AR recovery is one of our forte. Once we start working, you will notice a difference in your revenue in as little as a month.

Do I have to use your EHR?

Not at all! We are not bound with softwares. We provide services on almost all EHR and medical billing softwares on the market. You can keep using your billing software and EHR. 

I am already using a medical billing company, how can I change my medical billing to Halfort Medical?

It is quite simple. We will start working on your account immediately and you can wait out the contract with the other company.

What if I don't need an all inclusive service?

We offer both, all inclusive and standalone services. If you need an all inclusive package or you want only one service, it is totally up to you.

I am using cloud to store ePHI, am I not HIPAA compliant?

Unfortunately no. Only using cloud does not make the medical practice HIPAA compliant. 

How can my medical practice be HIPAA compliant?

There are technical, administrative and physical safeguards to be put in to place according to HHS. Contact us and our consultants will walk you through the whole process.

Is HIPAA compliance expensive?

It is not! Although it is dependant on the size of your medical practice. 

I have a small practice, do I really need a medical billing service?

Medical billing services come in all sizes. If your small practice performs well, you will have the option to grow it in the future. Big or small, by not doing proper medical billing you could be losing money. 

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Our support is one of the best out there. We are available for you whenever you need. We work for you even on weekends and public holidays so that you don’t lose any business.

Trusted Medical Solutions

We are trusted by hundreds of medical professionals for over a decade and there is a reason for that. We are the best at what we do leaving you free to do what you do best.